you will forever remember how
desperation first enveloped you
when you saw your image shrink
in another’s eyes, winking out to
invisibility until only smooth
shine of an iris glinted where once
you swore you saw your face look back.
when mirrors turned away as you
approached, surfaces that used to
reflect now showing only fog, smoke.
when you suspect this world knows more
about you than it wants to know, and
finds unbearably embarrassing
another day’s discourse with you,
small talk not minuscule enough for
even a moment’s interaction;
then, at last, while feeling for your
visage in the dark, you discover
the newly disfigured terrain of
a face unrecognizable. how
you come to yearn for amnesia’s
mercy, to render your very
fingertips forgetful and let you
fade slowly into nothingness.


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