foul out

Just something to jiggle your day a bit.

Life as Improv

More so than bliss,
follow the scent of something off
wrong, disgusting, foul,

phey, phew, phuck, phlulahlah…
what is rotten in your denmark?
don’t turn away.
Some little wrongness
can be just the thing to snag a thread
of you.
Then as you go about your day,
you will be unwinding the stitching
of you –
who can’t watch the world without a running commentary,
who separate all you see into piles
of good for you


not good for you


You can splurge into the good

until you see that nothing’s there,

but that may take a while

because the bottom of yummy is a long way down.

Inhale the stink until what is not so good

makes you soften into love.

Ready now, you can

dive into the nothing

until you begin to crave embody the stillness

already embedded in everything.

Upon your covered entrance

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